4605 E Genesee St
DeWitt NY 13214
Our office has several kid friendly amenities to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

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There is plenty in our reception area to keep your kids entertained while waiting for their appointment. The highlight of this is the Grotto. A grotto is a small cave near water and frequently has a flood at high tide. Your child has an opportunity to learn about marine life and explore the inside of a cave. Your child may forget that they are at the dentist!
We have an underwater theme to encourage your children to enter our office, and look forward to returning. Our logo is a shark that will soon be named by one of our patients. Coloring pages with the shark will be available when you arrive. We also designed the space with children in mind, there are bright colors everywhere. There will be hiding sea-creatures for your children to learn about and explore at their dental appointment.
Young children may feel nervous when they sit in, and recline, in a dental chair for the first time. We have discovered a fun alternative to the dental chair. A dental bench looks similar to the table your child will lay on at their pediatrician's office. This will be used for dental cleanings and some minor dental treatment, such as sealants. The colors are bright and cheerful, just like your child will be when they leave our office.
To help your child improve on their brushing technique, a sink and mirror placed at child-height has been placed in the hygiene room.
Our dental office provides ceiling mounted televisions in the treatment areas. When your child is reclined during treatment, they can tune into their favorite television program.
Digital radiographs have a fast exposure time, which will reduce the amount of radiation that your child is exposed to. It also allows us to review the X-rays with you, and your child, on the computer monitor where we can zoom and enhance the image.
To maintain an environmentally friendly dental office, we are paper-free. Digital charting and computer consents will reduce our use of paper. We are going green to help preserve the earth for our children, and yours
Treasure Tower offers a fun and hygienic way to dispense your child's reward after their visit
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